Tailgate Edition
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Tow this tiny, fully-equipped tailgating teardrop across the country following your team, marketing your product, or building your office's team! Fully customizable, mix and match 50+ colors to perfectly complement your team or company's image!  Complete with integrated (but removable) on-board icebox with built-in CO2-powered keg taps for two 1/6-barrel kegs. This party on wheels boasts an outdoor sound system, 500W amplifier, ~49-in HDTV (4K resolutions available as an option). As the party winds down, retire to the modified-full-size mattress inside that sleeps 2 adults.  These beauties come equipped with enough battery capacity to run without a generator for hours and hours of outdoor, off-the-grid fun! (Note,- Decals installed for personal preference. Decals not included in sale)  **PARDON OUR DUST...THESE PHOTOS ALL TAKEN DURING CONSTRUCTION!**
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